As you use the insights dashboard and make changes to the filters bar at the top, you will see arrows pointing up and/or down appearing next to some of the metrics. 

These arrows show the movement of the metrics as they change, compared with the last audience shown in the dashboard's cards. 

Let's look at a simple example. 

This is a screenshot of a dashboard without any filters- in other words, the information in the cards is describing the full socially-logged in audience. 

At this stage there are no arrows on the dashboard. 

Now let's add a filter to the filters bar. I am going to choose a custom segment I've created for spirits, including relevant brands, drinks and cocktails. 

As you can see, a number of arrows have appeared. These highlight the changes from the total group we were just looking at. 

Clearly, the number of socially registered users in the new filtered audience will be lower, so there's a 'down' arrow next to the 564 social registrations that fit the audience. We can also see that the group that is relevant for this Spirits filter is younger (a down arrow next to the average age), more female, and more interested in Movies and TV shows than the total group, while being less interested in Athletes.     

If you add further criteria to the filters bar, the new set of arrows that appears will relate to the difference between the Spirits audience and the new audience. 

Here, by adding '& Topshop' to the filters bar, the relevant group is reduced down further, and is now older and more female than the Spirits group. Food/Beverages is now the most popular category by volume of relevant interests.  

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