If you're promoting a product, offer or new content directly to an audience and you want to reach more relevant people, Facebook advertising offers a lot of flexibility to help find these people engage them and do so at a low cost. 

Globally, average performances from Facebook campaigns are stronger than on-site advertising metrics, and are improving over time. 

The Nanigans Global Facebook Advertising Benchmark report for Q4 2015 highlights several key figures: 

Average Global Facebook Cost Per Click (CPC): $0.57 (£0.40) EMEA: $0.62 (£0.43) 

Average Global Facebook Click Through Rate (CTR): 1.12% EMEA: 0.7% 

Average Global Facebook CPM: $6.38 (£4.46) EMEA: $4.61 (£3.22) 

Facebook allows you to create 'lookalike audiences' from existing groups of people you have identified, and also allows you to find audiences based on topic matching. 

Therefore, if you have a list of existing users / customers who you know are relevant for what you want to promote, and a brief that will allow you to target by interests, you have enough to set up a basic Facebook campaign. We are experienced with running these campaigns so can help improve performance based on optimising your audiences as the campaign runs and help to beat the average rates 

In order to really maximise the value of a campaign however, you will want additional guidance from data about your audience. This is where Intent HQ can add value - using our insights dashboard, it's easy to create much more specific segments of users. You can then export this segment of audience members to find lookalikes, or see what sets these people apart (top interests or normalised interests for example), and use this to guide topic matching audience segments. 

Using our insights, clients have seen results that out perform the Facebook global averages by several times.  

To learn more about how we run Facebook campaigns, please have a look at our article about finding the right audience. 

Alternatively, to discuss how we can help you understand an audience better or how to apply that to a Facebook campaign for a specific brief, please get in touch.