For most dashboard implementations, we do not have access to a 'general population' view of interest data. However, where you can provide social data, we are able to determine wider popularity of topics. This allows us to show a 'normalised' view of popularity.   

‘Normalising’ an audience’s interests means comparing the frequency of their interest in a topic relative to the general population. 

To help explain this, we often refer to what we call ‘The Nutella problem’…  

In Italy, we found that with almost any given audience, Nutella surfaced as a top interest. An audience consuming football content? Nutella. An audience of film lovers? Nutella again. Prompted to investigate why all the audiences we encountered were seemingly obsessed with chocolatey spread, we found that the Italian Nutella Facebook page has over 4.5 million likes. That’s just slightly less than Juventus, AC Milan and THE POPE put together! 

What normalisation does then is to put this immense popularity for our audience in context with the enormous popularity in general. Compared with Italy as a whole, our audiences were actually relatively indifferent about chocolate spread, but -relatively speaking- highly interested in other topics which we then used to help find more people like them. 

You can find the normalisation feature on any standard size or expanded Interest card on the dashboard (as below). 

Once the interests have been normalised you can flip back to the normal version by clicking the icon again. 

For a working demo of normalisation, please take a look at our video here

Otherwise, please contact us for guidance.